My Summer Essentials

Saturday, 13 July 2019
My Summer Essentials.

 (These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

Now we are finally in summer, though some days it really doesn't seem like it at the minute with the good old English weather, I thought i'd put together my fave body goodies and some accessories I love to use in the summer months! :)

First off we have one of my fave body care products by my faves Soap & Glory. It's their Spritz Me Quick Super Hydrating Moisture Mist. This is honestly one of the fave body moisturisers ever! It's so quick and easy to use and leaves your skin so hydrated and super soft! It's my go-to product to use every morning to keep my legs looking and feeling amazing throughout the day!

Next up is actually one of the first fake tans I ever tried and it's the Skinny Tan - 7 Day Tanner. This is one of my fave fake tans I like to use as it's got a gorgeous natural finish that doesn't streak or look orange! I most definitely need to try more from Skinny Tan as they've come out with some amazing products lately including a face tan and a water tanning spray, how fab?!

Moving on to accessories and I have this beautiful set of Kiss Nails, how stunning are these?! They are what I had put on at the Kiss event and they've just become my absolute faves! They are so easy to apply and look gorgeous on! I honestly need an endless supply of pink nails! :D

And last but not least I have this gorgeous Leighton Denny - Golden Sunset Nail Polish. It's a gorgeous peachy orange colour with shimmers of gold in it! It's stunning either on it's own or even more lush over a white polish! It's the perfect summer colour :)

And that's everything guys! I hope you enjoyed this little put together of my summer goodies I like to use, I'm thinking of doing a makeup one too so let me know if that's something you want to see! :)

Let me know your fave products you like to use in the summer months :)

Kiss Nails & Lashes - Leeds - Blogger Event

Wednesday, 10 July 2019
Kiss Nails & Lashes - Leeds - Blogger Event.

This was my first blogger event so I was super excited! I was so buzzing to be invited by the lovely Alex Silver PR team :)

Heres some photos I managed to take and a few my lovely friends took too, I was far too excited and kept forgetting to take photos lol!

It was held at the Salon Prive' at Dakota Deluxe in Leeds, it was such a gorgeous venue!

At this fab event we got to see all the new Kiss Nails and Lashes as pictured above and we could have our lashes and nails done using the new goodies! So of corse I had to get both done! They had so many gorgeous nails and lashes but I finally made my mind up! I honestly was so spoilt for choice!

Me and my mum both went for the Organza style lashes, full but not too long, we absolutely loved them! They made us look fab! Of corse we had to get some selfies! :)

Then I got some gorgeous pink nails put on and I absolutely loved them! The perfect shade of pink and shape! 

I finally met these two gorgeous lovely angels - @polishedbyleanne (top) and @littlelottiecakes (bottom). You should go give them a follow if you aren't already! Such lovely and supportive girls I'm so happy to have finally met :)

I had an amazing night at the Kiss Nails and Lashes event, huge thankyou to the lovely Alex Silver PR team for having me and for the absolutely fab goody bag at the end of the night! Packed full of stunning lashes and nails :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what the event was like guys, was really a great first blogger event for sure! :)

Perfumes Ive Been Loving

Saturday, 29 June 2019
Perfumes I've been loving.

(Contains products that were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

Heres some perfumes I've been absolutely loving lately, perfect for day or night!

First off is one I wish I had the full version of because I just love it so much! Its the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. This is one I reach for quite often, it smells so good and so fresh/florally. And if the scent doesn't wow you enough, just look how cute the packaging is! I absolutely love Marc Jacobs perfumes, I've had the Dot one before which I loved! Ive also got the Daisy Dream which is another of my faves!

Next is a really handy travel perfume - was previously filled with Amo Ferragamo which I used up on my holiday back in January. Ive now filled it with my Ghost Daydream perfume :)
Its absolutely perfect! You can get yours here and have it filled with over 300 perfume / aftershave for just £12 a month! How fab is that?!

One of my most luxurious perfumes is most definitely Black Opium by YSL. This smells absolutely gorgeous! I only use this for going somewhere nice as I want it to last me a long time! Lol! Ive wanted to try this for a very long time so when I was very kindly gifted this by The Fragrance Shop I was in shock! Its my most expensive but luxurious perfumes I'm lucky to own for sure!

And last but not least, my other fave I like to use daily is the Araina Grande Cloud perfume. I have two other perfumes by Araina and love them so when this came out I just knew I wanted to try this too! The packaging she creates for her perfumes is so cute and girly I love it! This one has its own cloud stand it sits on, super cute! This smells so fresh and fab!

Let me know what some of your fave perfumes are! :)

How I Keep My Legs Looking Silky Smooth

Sunday, 23 June 2019
How I keep my legs looking silky smooth with Friction Free Shaving.

 (These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

When FFS reached out to me to try their shaving kit I was quick to say yes! Im always looking for better ways to keep my legs feeling amazing during and after a shave, so when I saw these guys had a shaving kit to offer me I couldn't say no!

The kit you can purchase below here. Its an amazing kit for all your shaving needs!

It includes: Travel pouch, Blade protector, Blade cover, Shower hook, 4 Razor refills, Shaver either in rose gold or silver - also comes with FREE engraving to be personalised to you, Pre shave scrub, Shave cream and Shave balm.

How beautiful is this shaver though?! I absolutely love anything personalised :)

The Pre Shave Scrub - Amazing for exfoliating before you shave, its not too harsh and is just enough to prepare you for a shave, its really good! Its a walnut scrub which attacks ingrown hairs and promote skin rejuvenation. A little goes a very long way. It also contains Manuka honey and Almond extract so it smells amazing and is really good for the skin.

The Shave Cream - Most probably the best shaving cream I've ever used! Its a thick cream that leaves hairs standing up for a very easy shave! Its so so good! This is part of why my legs are so smooth straight after shaving when normally they feel so dry and yuck. Also contains Manuka honey aswel as Shea butter and Coconut oil!

The Post Shave Balm - The perfect end to the trio! This balm is really creamy and leaves my legs so fresh, smooth and moisturised! Again contains Manuka honey with also Almond oil and Cocoa butter so leaves legs smelling amazing aswel as so soft.

The Shaver - Honestly the best razor I’ve ever used! And I’ve used a lot of brands in the past! The handle fits in your hand perfectly and is very sturdy too. I find this perfect for easy application as it just glides easy and smoothly across your skin. The blades are amazing! Not once have a cut myself and I always used to cut myself with other blades! But not this one! They are fab and have 6 diamond-coated steel blades to give you the best cleanest shave!

Also, they've just announced the Shaver, Blades and Shave cream are coming to larger Boots stores from tomorrow! How fab is that?! I will leave a link for them too once available :)

Look out for this stunning packaging in larger Boots stores ! :)

Let me know if you've tried FFS before and how you got on with it all! I honestly love mine and would never go back to cheap nasty disposables now! Especially because FFS are cruelty free too and the packaging of the shaver is so luxurious! Also everything is travel friendly so even better :)

I also have a discount code for you to use for 25% off your first set of blades which also comes with free engraving for the shaver too! its HAYLEYLOUISE (affiliated).

Image Skincare - Clear Cell Clarifying Masque.

Friday, 29 March 2019
Image Skincare - Clear Cell Clarifying Masque Review.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

Ive always suffered with breakouts and pesky blackheads since roughly the age of 12/13. Its only recently my skin is as clear as its ever been and I thank my skincare and different masks each week for it. One mask in particular that I've been really loving is this one, the Image Skincare Clear Cell Clarifying Masque!

Since adding this into my skincare, my skin as really cleared up and I hardly suffer with breakouts now. I get the odd one or two, but thats down to being a woman - that time of the month! :D

So the mask itself is a thickish white exfoliating type formula, once applied to the skin its so cooling and tingles slightly. You can instantly feel it work! The only thing I'm not keen on is the smell, its kinda strong but does dull down once the mask sets. It dries pretty quickly which is a bonus! :)

Once set - around 5 to 15 mins - I just used a warm damp facecloth and gently rubbed off the mask until it was all off. Your face appears red at first but does obviously go back to normal after about 30 mins or so. My skin felt so refreshed and replenished afterwards! My face felt really tight and super soft straight away and I was like - wow! Kinda scary having a red face but with a mask like this its expected. It does claim to immediately draw out impurities and excess oil so its its normal - don't panic like I did the first time! :D

I like to use this mask once a month max and then every few weeks as a spot treatment, which it also can be used as. Its definitely worked that way for me and I couldn't be more happy with the results this mask has given me. Thanks to this fab mask I don't have to wear much makeup on days I do wear it which has given me a real confidence boost :)

If you have blemishes, oily or problematic skin that this is indicated for, you need to try this mask out! :)

Pixi Beauty - MatteLast Liquid Lip.

Thursday, 7 March 2019
Pixi Beauty - MatteLast Liquid Lips.

 (These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

This was my first PR parcel from Pixi and I was super excited when it arrived on my doorstep, as you can imagine! I honestly nearly cried! As I always do when I receive anything from brands - i'm a very emotional person, don't judge! :D

My fave makeup product is lipstick so when I saw this PR parcel was 11 shades of their MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks I was like, wow! I honestly couldn't wait to try them all out!

I mean, how beautiful are they though?! The packaging is just super cute and very me! The shades are so gorgeous too! I have kinda swatched them for you if you wanna see! Im not the most photogenic person so swatching them on my lips is a no go lol! I can however confirm that these are probably the most comfiest matte lipsticks I've ever tried! They don't feel drying at all and last for hours! Even between eating etc they don't budge! They are super pigmented too so no need to reapply or go in with more than one coat. I absolutely love them! The shade range is absolutely perfect too, for a girl who mainly wears nude colours, the shades are literally perfect for me! I also love the pinks and reds as they are perfect for summer and autumn time when I want a bit of a change.

As you can see, they are beautiful shades! Let me know if you do want to see swatches of these on my arm - I took these pics a while ago and can certainly add better swatch photos now lol! They are honestly the most perfect and wearable shades for everyday and for every skin tone. They've become my fave lipsticks by far, I'm just obsessed with them! They're also infused with rose hip oil so smell incredible too and leave the lips hydrated which is fab! The applicator is so good too, its shaped like a tear - Pixi Petal they describe it as - so its super easy to use and gives a precise application. These are honestly just perfect in every way and I'm so happy that I own them, now I need every single shade Pixi do from now on cause they're just that good! :D

Let me know if you've tried these and what you think of them! :)

NYK1 Secrets - Lash Force Serum & Tan Force Tanning Mousse.

Sunday, 24 February 2019
NYK1 Secrets Lash Serum & Tan Force Tanning Mousse Review.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

So a few months back I was very kindly sent some goodies from a brand called NYK1 Secrets, a brand i've never actually heard of before so I was excited to try out what they'd sent me. They sent me their Lash & Brow Growth Serum, Tanning Mousse & the tanning mitts to go along side the tan.

I was super excited to try them all out but more excited to try the Lash & Brow growth Serum!

So lets see what I thought! :)

So i've been using the serum for around 3 months now - not consistently (I'm a mum and life gets crazy busy sometimes lol!) BUT from my results I can see quite a big difference in my lashes! Ive always had long lashes anyway so I were'nt expecting a change in length as such, I guess I just wanted to see what it would do! Well the photo results shocked me! Its actually made my lashes fuller than they were before! I was so shocked to see my before and after pic but I'm more than happy with the results! I will continue to use it everyday if I remember - I'm useless! and hope it does make my lashes a little longer too. I would 100% recommend this serum to anyone! Its literally false lashes in a tube! And did I mention you can use this on your eyebrows too? I don't actually use it on my brows as mine are quite full as they are but it would be amazing if you have sparse brows or want fuller looking brows without the need of constant eyebrow makeup! :) a win win product for sure! Its also super easy to use! All you have to do is apply it like you would an eyeliner every morning and night! Easy as that! You can find it here if you want to give it a go! :)

Heres my before and after photo! Sorry about the rubbish edit! - I needed to blur my horrible winter skin! Lol! But that aside, just look how fuller my lashes look! Fab right?! I just love this product so much! Who needs false lashes?! :D


Now onto the Tanforce Tanning Mousse and mitts.

I've always been a little scared of fake tan, I'm not gonna lie! But the tanning mousses I do have are actually really good so I wasn't too scared of this one. First off, have you ever seen a tanning mousse turn out to be clear? Nope, me neither! Well this is - kinda scary because you can't see where you've  gone and how orange you might look BUT thats where its like magic because - it certainly doesn't do that! Lol! It leaves the skin moisturised looking so you can see where you've gone which is awesome!  Its so easy to use! I just applied where i wanted the tan and rubbed it in using circular motions until it was all even - easy peasy! It also smells so good too and not strong or horrible smelling. The mitts are amazing to use too, just glides the product on your skin and makes application a breeze! The face one is super cute too and the perfect size to get in all the spots you might miss just using your hands - and you avoid orange hands using a face mitt too which is a bonus! Orange hands are horrendous - we've all been there, well I know I have, lol! :D This tan also dries almost instantly and isn't sticky at all! A little goes a very long way! :) You can purchase the tan and mitts bundle here.

Heres my before and after photo of my legs - I have scars on my legs due to a bad rash I recently got so I was so happy that the results almost covered them!

As you can see it's a beautiful, natural looking, even and streak free tan! It actually matches my sun tan I got from my holiday in January so now my body actually matches my legs lol! I'm so happy with this tan and would totally recommend this too! :)

Super happy with all the products and would definitely buy them myself after trying these as I'm beyond happy with my results! :)

Let me know if youv'e tried these before and how you got on with them! I'd love to hear your thoughts!