Spectrum Collections Lipsticks

Thursday, 19 March 2020
Spectrum Collections Lipstick Review.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

I was so excited when Spectrum announced they were releasing a makeup range! I absolutely love their first release called Zodiac, then they surprised us even more and launched 5 stunning lipsticks to go alongside their Zodiac makeup line.

The lovely team asked me if I wanted to receive them to review, of corse being a huge lover of the brand, I was quick to say yes! :)

So lets see all 5 shades shall we?!

As you can see, they are some beautiful shades, perfect for every skin tone and very wearable. There's 4 matte shades and 1 metallic shade. The formula of these are some of best I've ever tried! They are super soft and pigmented! Last ages on the lips too without being drying at all, they honestly feel like silk to apply. The pigmentation is absolutely incredible, you don't need to keep applying, literally a swipe and you're good to go! The packaging is so sleek and cute too, I love how different they are yet so simple but so pretty too.

First up we have the metallic shade called Venus. A lovely warm copper red shade.

Next up we have the 4 mattes, this one is called Jupiter. A gorgeous statement pinky red shade.

Next we have Cosmos, a very pretty pink shade.

Next up we have Nova, a beautiful pinky nude shade - my second fave!

And last but not least we have Element, a brown toned nude, my perfect shade and also my fave :)

Lets see them swatched!

Not the best swatches because of my tattoo lol but this is just one swipe! They are just lush aren't they?! So from left to right we have - Venus, Jupiter, Cosmos, Nova & Element.

Ive popped individual links to the lipsticks for you for £12.99 each or you can save some pennies and grab the full bundle here for just £49.99 :)

The best thing about these lipsticks are that they're 100% cruelty free and vegan! Cant get any better than that can you?! :)

If you've tried these beauties, let me know what you guys think! I honestly love them so much, I wear Nova and Element whenever I go out and I get so many compliments saying they suit me so well :) my new go-to lipsticks for sure!

Roccabox February Edition

Saturday, 29 February 2020
Roccabox February Edition.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

As a beauty blogger I'm always very exciting to try new products, so a box full of goodies is a must have! The Roccabox is a monthly subscription box that only costs £10.00 plus £3.95 p+p a month! For 5 beauty treats thats incredible! I personally love subscription boxes as it's an amazing way to discover brands you've never heard of or want to try out new brands you've always wanted to try.

So lets see what was in Februarys box! :)

So as you can see, it was a fantastic box!

So the first product we have is the SugarbearHair Vitamins worth £23.27. Ive always wanted to try these as they've always intrigued me, I see them all over social media so was really happy to see these in the box!
They're vegetarian & cruelty free and are packed with vitamins such as biotin, folic acid & vitamin D. They taste delish too! :)

Next up we have a lifting face sheet mask by Danielle Creations worth £2.50. I love the benefits of sheet masks, I mean you look a little crazy wearing them LOL but they are sooo good for your skin! This one is a lifting sheet mask so it revives and really nourishes your skin. Perfect for those cold days to give your face some much needed tlc! 

Next we have this MonuSkin Revitalising Moisturiser worth £29.50. Who doesn't love a moisturiser? Especially one that revives and softens your skin. Its perfect again for the colder months to give your skin some much needed love.

We also have an eye mask by Popmask London Starry Eyes Warming Eye Mask worth £4.00. Well this is an interesting one and one I can't say I've ever seen before! Its meant to reduce eye puffiness and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. If it stops me looking like a zombie most mornings I'm here for it - very intrigued to give this one a go :D

And last but not least is this Dr.Lipp Tint worth £6.99. I do love a lip balm, especially ones that are 100% natural! They're a moisturising lip balm that gives lips a tint of colour too. I really do like this and think I may need them all! :D

And thats everything guys! The Teapigs cold brew was a bonus product but I don't like cold tea so I didn't use it, also the sugar bear hair vitamins also came with a cute matching shower cap which I thought was just so cute :)

I would really recommend this subscription box, its definitely worth the money as you are saving so much money and discovering some amazing brands too! Its definitely helped me discover some new brands that I now love.

Let me know what you guys thought to Februarys box!

My Christmas Wishlist 2019

Saturday, 19 October 2019
My Christmas Wishlist 2019!

(All photos are not mine, they were taken from various websites)

There's so much new goodness that's recently come out from some of my fave brands! Everything all looks so good and it gets me so excited for Christmas! Sorry not sorry for mentioning the C word in October but it's creeping up so fast! Does anyone else agree that this year as just flown by?!

So get ready to see my quite big (oops lol) wishlist for Christmas this year, let me know if they're on your wishlist too :)

So first off there's some amazing goodies from Bomb Cosmetics I absolutely love the look of! These all look so amazing and would make the perfect gift!

I just love how cute and colourful this set is!

Of corse this pretty pink set had to go on my wishlist, just look how gorgeous this is and a fab variety of products too.

Anyone who knows me knows my absolute fave scent is watermelon! So this set screamed right at me! I bet this all smells so lush!

As soon as I saw this calendar my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! I've seen what's inside this (didn't want to spoil it by adding the pic, BUT if you click the link you can have a peak! :D) it all looks incredible and I love how there's so much in there!

Another fave scent is bubblegum! So yeah this just had to go on my wishlist too! Their candles are so cute and smell incredible so i'd love to have more of them!

I love rhubarb & custard sweets so think this would smell amazing!

I mean, its pink, of corse it's on my wishlist :D

Next up of corse I had to include some goodies from Too Faced! Here's just a few I'm hoping for this year :)

How cute though? I'm a sucker for miniature things! :D
Because it's mini again and it looks like my kinda colours :)
The cutest little set, perfect for stocking fillers! :)
They just look so stunning! I love the packaging so much!
I just love sets like these so i'd absolutely love this one :)

Next up I have some sets from one of my faves Soap & Glory, wouldn't be Christmas without their sets now would it?! :)

I've been loving liquid eyeshadow recently so I'd absolutely love these S&G ones!

This years calendar looks absolutely incredible! If I don't buy this myself for the 1st of December, I defo want it for Christmas! :D
How fab does this set look though?! Always such a fab selection of goodies!
I still have the hot choc candle from last year and it was one of my faves so I defo need a backup this year :)

And last but definitely not least, I have some things from my fave brush brand Spectrum Collections! :)
I've been wanting all these brushes since they came out so of corse they had to go on my wishlist for sure! :)

How lush is this set though?!
Bumper Brush & Bag Set - £70.
Fell in love with this gorgeous set from Superdrug so of corse it just had to go on my wishlist!

And that's everything guys! If you made it this far you're awesome! Haha :D
Is there anything here you'd like too? Let me know what you like the look of! I'm so excited for Christmas this year, it's always the best time of the year for me! Pass me the hot choc and baileys please :D

My Birthday Wishlist 2019

Saturday, 14 September 2019
My Birthday Wishlist.

(All photos taken from websites, not by me)

I did one of these last year & i loved it so I thought I’d do it again this year for my 28th birthday on the 25th of September :)

I’ve just put together a few things I’d absolutely love to receive as gifts this year, so if any of my family are reading this, take note :D

Of corse, some Too Faced goodies had to go on my wish list, especially these new watermelon scented ones because watermelon is my faveee! :)

Of corse some Charlotte Tilbury makeup as gone onto my wish list too! I’m slowly building my CT collection and these beautys would make a fab addition :)

Been wanting these beautiful brush sets from my fave brush brand Spectrum Collections for a while now so they’ve gone onto my wish list too! :)

Another brush set I’d absolutely love to get for my birthday is this stunning Pink Glam brush book by the lovely Slmissglam, her brushes are so beautiful! :)

Of corse some Zoella goodies from their Christmas collection at boots had to go on my wish list! I’m hoping there’s more to add too :D 

And last but not least, I’ve added these lush Ted Baker sets to my wish list! I’ve smelt these in store & they are gorg! Especially the pink & grey ones :)

So that’s everything I’d love to get this year for my birthday :) I think I’ve made some good choices and can’t wait to see if I get any of these :D