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Friday, 11 May 2018
Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Care Review.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

I was recently sent some awesome feet treats by my faves S&G! Ive been using Heel Genius for years so I was so excited to see some new additions to the foot family! You can purchase all Soap & Glory products from Boots.

Ive gotta admit, when it comes to my feet, I don't look after them as much as I should. You forget most times that they don't need tlc, but they do! You walk long and hard on them most days, of corse they're gonna look bit rough from time to time! Well, mine do anyway. Shameful, I know. Oppsy. I couldn't wait to try everything out but I was waiting for cooler weather as I can't stand anything on my feet when its hot (when we had that sun, we probs won't see again for a while, lol) 

I couldn’t wait to test this amazing trio out! :)

So last night I gave my feet a much needed pamper! I was actually ashamed of my feet, they looked so bad, hence why theres no bare feet pic! I couldn't gross you out like that! LOL! Well anyway, I used the Foot File, I used the nobbly side and began to file my awful feet! I thought it was gonna tickle or be quite gruesome but it honestly didn't or wasn't! It was actually quite satisfying, seeing all that TMI - dead skin - just crumble off! Sorry, had to be said! This is a honest review after all! 

This is a close up of the Foot File, it was so gentle on my feet, and didn't even tickle at all, which I thought it would of, I'm terrible for my feet being ticklish, lol! It did an amazing job of smoothing out my skin. You can purchase one here (£9.00)

On the other side of the File, theres a smoother side to smooth down your skin after using the rougher side. Theres also a smaller rough file in the handle for more precise filing. I used this for my toes and around the curves of my feet for easy application. It works amazingly for any bits you miss!

So after I filed my feet, being a nail tech that sounds so strange lol! Anyway, so after I did that, I used the Heel Genius.

Heel Genius - literally a genius! For your feet! You can purchase it here (£5.50). Ive used this stuff for years, its the best foot cream I've ever used! So now my feet were prepped, I rubbed a big dollop of cream on both my feet, I like to use a lot to really soak it in my feet. Believe me, on this occasion my feet needed it! The cream is a gel like substance thats blue in colour and smells so fresh and spa like, it really is awesome! Its so moisturising its honestly like you've been at the spa, only much cheaper! Now my feet was all full of the Heel Genius foot cream, I was ready to apply the Heel Genius socks!

You can purchase the Heel Genius socks here (£7.00). These socks are soooo soft! They're cotton-rich material so are amazing for keeping the Heel Genius cream locked in, for perfectly moisturised feet! They fit perfectly too without creating a mess of cream everywhere, I've done that a few times when I used to use normal socks, was so messy! Normal socks just don't cut it now they've brought out these awesome ones! They're so worth it and would highly recommend using these with your Heel Genius foot cream. Honestly, a match made in heaven! They don't irritate you or move during the night either. I hate anything on my feet, especially during warmer months, but these are so comfy and like theres nothing on your feet. Which is awesome if you're anything like me! LOL! 

When I woke this morning my feet felt amazing! So soft now and so moisturised! Much needed! Goodbye hard skin! Thankyou Heel Genius and pals! So happy to have summer ready feet, I promise to not neglect my feet again! :)

8 comments on "Soap & Glory - Heel Genius Foot Care"
  1. I could definitely use some heel genius on my sure I have some somewhere :)

    1. It’s incredible stuff! Works miracles, best foot cream I’ve ever used :) x

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