Unicorn Cosmetics - Holographic Lipgloss

Friday, 4 May 2018
Unicorn Cosmetics Holographic Lipgloss.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

The amazing Unicorn Cosmetics also sent me some other awesome goodies!

Including this absolutely stunning iridescent lipgloss!

Lets take a look at the stunning lipgloss shall we! Its called Holo Milky Way, and theres no guesses why!

Can we just appreciate the packaging though?! So fun and unique, I LOVE it!
You'll see everything from UC their packaging is so well thought out and unique. They put so much effect into every detail and that is top marks from me! If the packaging is always this good, the products are always amazing too!

So, lets have a closer look!

First impressions, WOW! How magical is this beauty?! First off, its a shape of a unicorn, like what! How awesome! Its like a ornament not a lipgloss! LOL! Soo pretty! Again every detail is just stunning! You get 4.5ml/0.15 fl oz which is a good amount of product. I picked the pink one (of corse) with the white iridescent gloss, theres 3 others too, all very unique and iridescent. You can find them all here (£13.99)

Just look how beautiful this lipgloss is! Ive honestly never seen anything like this before! Its a unicorn lovers dream! I can't wait to try this out, I think I'm going to do a unicorn look using this, let me know if thats something you want to see! :)

You can find this pink one here, use my discount code HAYLEYLOUISE15 for 15% off if you want to save some pennies :)

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