NYK1 Secrets - Lash Force Serum & Tan Force Tanning Mousse.

Sunday, 24 February 2019
NYK1 Secrets Lash Serum & Tan Force Tanning Mousse Review.

(These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

So a few months back I was very kindly sent some goodies from a brand called NYK1 Secrets, a brand i've never actually heard of before so I was excited to try out what they'd sent me. They sent me their Lash & Brow Growth Serum, Tanning Mousse & the tanning mitts to go along side the tan.

I was super excited to try them all out but more excited to try the Lash & Brow growth Serum!

So lets see what I thought! :)

So i've been using the serum for around 3 months now - not consistently (I'm a mum and life gets crazy busy sometimes lol!) BUT from my results I can see quite a big difference in my lashes! Ive always had long lashes anyway so I were'nt expecting a change in length as such, I guess I just wanted to see what it would do! Well the photo results shocked me! Its actually made my lashes fuller than they were before! I was so shocked to see my before and after pic but I'm more than happy with the results! I will continue to use it everyday if I remember - I'm useless! and hope it does make my lashes a little longer too. I would 100% recommend this serum to anyone! Its literally false lashes in a tube! And did I mention you can use this on your eyebrows too? I don't actually use it on my brows as mine are quite full as they are but it would be amazing if you have sparse brows or want fuller looking brows without the need of constant eyebrow makeup! :) a win win product for sure! Its also super easy to use! All you have to do is apply it like you would an eyeliner every morning and night! Easy as that! You can find it here if you want to give it a go! :)

Heres my before and after photo! Sorry about the rubbish edit! - I needed to blur my horrible winter skin! Lol! But that aside, just look how fuller my lashes look! Fab right?! I just love this product so much! Who needs false lashes?! :D


Now onto the Tanforce Tanning Mousse and mitts.

I've always been a little scared of fake tan, I'm not gonna lie! But the tanning mousses I do have are actually really good so I wasn't too scared of this one. First off, have you ever seen a tanning mousse turn out to be clear? Nope, me neither! Well this is - kinda scary because you can't see where you've  gone and how orange you might look BUT thats where its like magic because - it certainly doesn't do that! Lol! It leaves the skin moisturised looking so you can see where you've gone which is awesome!  Its so easy to use! I just applied where i wanted the tan and rubbed it in using circular motions until it was all even - easy peasy! It also smells so good too and not strong or horrible smelling. The mitts are amazing to use too, just glides the product on your skin and makes application a breeze! The face one is super cute too and the perfect size to get in all the spots you might miss just using your hands - and you avoid orange hands using a face mitt too which is a bonus! Orange hands are horrendous - we've all been there, well I know I have, lol! :D This tan also dries almost instantly and isn't sticky at all! A little goes a very long way! :) You can purchase the tan and mitts bundle here.

Heres my before and after photo of my legs - I have scars on my legs due to a bad rash I recently got so I was so happy that the results almost covered them!

As you can see it's a beautiful, natural looking, even and streak free tan! It actually matches my sun tan I got from my holiday in January so now my body actually matches my legs lol! I'm so happy with this tan and would totally recommend this too! :)

Super happy with all the products and would definitely buy them myself after trying these as I'm beyond happy with my results! :)

Let me know if youv'e tried these before and how you got on with them! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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