How I Keep My Legs Looking Silky Smooth

Sunday, 23 June 2019
How I keep my legs looking silky smooth with Friction Free Shaving.

 (These products were very kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.)
(All photos are taken by me.)

When FFS reached out to me to try their shaving kit I was quick to say yes! Im always looking for better ways to keep my legs feeling amazing during and after a shave, so when I saw these guys had a shaving kit to offer me I couldn't say no!

The kit you can purchase below here. Its an amazing kit for all your shaving needs!

It includes: Travel pouch, Blade protector, Blade cover, Shower hook, 4 Razor refills, Shaver either in rose gold or silver - also comes with FREE engraving to be personalised to you, Pre shave scrub, Shave cream and Shave balm.

How beautiful is this shaver though?! I absolutely love anything personalised :)

The Pre Shave Scrub - Amazing for exfoliating before you shave, its not too harsh and is just enough to prepare you for a shave, its really good! Its a walnut scrub which attacks ingrown hairs and promote skin rejuvenation. A little goes a very long way. It also contains Manuka honey and Almond extract so it smells amazing and is really good for the skin.

The Shave Cream - Most probably the best shaving cream I've ever used! Its a thick cream that leaves hairs standing up for a very easy shave! Its so so good! This is part of why my legs are so smooth straight after shaving when normally they feel so dry and yuck. Also contains Manuka honey aswel as Shea butter and Coconut oil!

The Post Shave Balm - The perfect end to the trio! This balm is really creamy and leaves my legs so fresh, smooth and moisturised! Again contains Manuka honey with also Almond oil and Cocoa butter so leaves legs smelling amazing aswel as so soft.

The Shaver - Honestly the best razor I’ve ever used! And I’ve used a lot of brands in the past! The handle fits in your hand perfectly and is very sturdy too. I find this perfect for easy application as it just glides easy and smoothly across your skin. The blades are amazing! Not once have a cut myself and I always used to cut myself with other blades! But not this one! They are fab and have 6 diamond-coated steel blades to give you the best cleanest shave!

Also, they've just announced the Shaver, Blades and Shave cream are coming to larger Boots stores from tomorrow! How fab is that?! I will leave a link for them too once available :)

Look out for this stunning packaging in larger Boots stores ! :)

Let me know if you've tried FFS before and how you got on with it all! I honestly love mine and would never go back to cheap nasty disposables now! Especially because FFS are cruelty free too and the packaging of the shaver is so luxurious! Also everything is travel friendly so even better :)

I also have a discount code for you to use for 25% off your first set of blades which also comes with free engraving for the shaver too! its HAYLEYLOUISE (affiliated).

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