My Christmas Wishlist 2019

Saturday, 19 October 2019
My Christmas Wishlist 2019!

(All photos are not mine, they were taken from various websites)

There's so much new goodness that's recently come out from some of my fave brands! Everything all looks so good and it gets me so excited for Christmas! Sorry not sorry for mentioning the C word in October but it's creeping up so fast! Does anyone else agree that this year as just flown by?!

So get ready to see my quite big (oops lol) wishlist for Christmas this year, let me know if they're on your wishlist too :)

So first off there's some amazing goodies from Bomb Cosmetics I absolutely love the look of! These all look so amazing and would make the perfect gift!

I just love how cute and colourful this set is!

Of corse this pretty pink set had to go on my wishlist, just look how gorgeous this is and a fab variety of products too.

Anyone who knows me knows my absolute fave scent is watermelon! So this set screamed right at me! I bet this all smells so lush!

As soon as I saw this calendar my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! I've seen what's inside this (didn't want to spoil it by adding the pic, BUT if you click the link you can have a peak! :D) it all looks incredible and I love how there's so much in there!

Another fave scent is bubblegum! So yeah this just had to go on my wishlist too! Their candles are so cute and smell incredible so i'd love to have more of them!

I love rhubarb & custard sweets so think this would smell amazing!

I mean, its pink, of corse it's on my wishlist :D

Next up of corse I had to include some goodies from Too Faced! Here's just a few I'm hoping for this year :)

How cute though? I'm a sucker for miniature things! :D
Because it's mini again and it looks like my kinda colours :)
The cutest little set, perfect for stocking fillers! :)
They just look so stunning! I love the packaging so much!
I just love sets like these so i'd absolutely love this one :)

Next up I have some sets from one of my faves Soap & Glory, wouldn't be Christmas without their sets now would it?! :)

I've been loving liquid eyeshadow recently so I'd absolutely love these S&G ones!

This years calendar looks absolutely incredible! If I don't buy this myself for the 1st of December, I defo want it for Christmas! :D
How fab does this set look though?! Always such a fab selection of goodies!
I still have the hot choc candle from last year and it was one of my faves so I defo need a backup this year :)

And last but definitely not least, I have some things from my fave brush brand Spectrum Collections! :)
I've been wanting all these brushes since they came out so of corse they had to go on my wishlist for sure! :)

How lush is this set though?!
Bumper Brush & Bag Set - £70.
Fell in love with this gorgeous set from Superdrug so of corse it just had to go on my wishlist!

And that's everything guys! If you made it this far you're awesome! Haha :D
Is there anything here you'd like too? Let me know what you like the look of! I'm so excited for Christmas this year, it's always the best time of the year for me! Pass me the hot choc and baileys please :D
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